Meet our vets


Rachel is our very own Royal College graduate and has been practicing in London since 2016. Since joining us in 2018 Rachel ha...s furthered her keen interest in ultrasound and developing her cardiac scanning ability, complimenting her passion for taking medicine cases forward when they require further investigation! Having a very keen interest in client care and relationships, Rachel loves nothing more than being in consult with both regular and new pets – there’s no hiding in theatre for Rachel, however, she still very much enjoys time for routine and soft tissue surgery. Away from the surgery Rachel’s interest are travelling around Asia, America and Africa, rock climbing and art.


Mel qualified in Italy in 2012 and decided upon pursing a role treating pets in London to enhance her excellent knowledge of b...oth surgery and medicine. Mel is currently furthering her surgical skill by undertaking an advanced certificate in small animal surgery which means she is spending a lot of time in our busy operating theatre! Still greatly enjoying the interaction with pets and their owners, Mel takes pride in managing complex cases and building excellent relationships with clients. An immensely proficient small animal practitioner, Mel is confident in all routine soft tissue surgery, radiology, and ultrasound. Away from the surgeries and when she is not studying for her further certificate qualification, Mel enjoys running a journal club where vets can discuss ideas and challenging cases!


Qualifying from the prestigious Pretoria, South Africa in 2016, Tanith joined our experienced Vet Team in 2019. From Tanith’s...exciting time spent post qualifying in South Africa and her experience working at our busy hospital’s in London and Kent, Tanith is a highly proficient general practitioner who enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, diagnostics, eye surgery and soft tissue surgery. Being an OV Practitioner means Tanith is readily available to give advice and issue passports/export certificates to pets wanting to travel. Outside of the surgeries Tanith’s huge passion for small animal companions extends to her adorable rescue puppy Toto (who often tags along with her to work!). Tanith enjoys returning home to South Africa to see family and travelling the UK visiting cities and taking in our heritage.


Francesca joined our South London Vet Team in 2017 after a very impressive career journey so far. Qualifying in 2013 from Bolo...gna, Italy, when Francesca first arrived in the UK she practiced as an intern at an extremely popular referral centre, just outside of London before moving on to work in a busy hospital in Berkshire. Francesca is an extremely experienced General Practitioner and soft tissue surgeon, now expanding her vast talent to carrying out ultrasound diagnostics within the surgery. Being an OV Practitioner means Francesca is available to give advice and issue passports/export certificates to small animal companions wanting to travel. Being a huge small animal lover, she has a much loved 11 year old crossbreed called Jack. When not in surgery Francesca likes abstract painting, dancing and surfing in her favourite location, Portugal!


Qualifying from Pretoria in 2013 Jenny absolutely loves working in London and has been practising in the big city since 2016. ...Still keen to see other wonderful parts of the UK, Jenny has also lent her experienced hands to clinics in Scotland and East Sussex. Whilst enjoying practising as a General Practitioner, Jenny particularly enjoys anaesthesiology, radiology, soft tissue surgery and also being part of more adventurous and complex cases. Outside of the surgeries Jenny enjoys reading, being in the great outdoors and photography.


Our resident Online Veterinary Surgeon is Ciaran. Ciaran joined our caring online service in 2021 having qualified from UCD Du...blin in 2018. Due to his vast passion for knowledge, excellent client manner and progressive attitude towards veterinary medicine and treating sick pets, Ciaran had previously been promoted to a Head Veterinary Surgeon role in Ireland before joining us to remotely help pets in need online! Ciaran's interests are internal medicine, dermatology and imaging. Being a huge fan of meeting and learning about clients and their pets in consultation, Ciaran much looks forward to helping you when you need him via our online service. Ciaran has previously written news items and commented on online veterinary medicine topics in the UK national press. In his downtime Ciaran is keen on getting outside and staying active or jetting off to somewhere warmer than the British Isles. Equally, he is keen on learning languages and reading up on all sorts of odd topics.