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How Does Online Vetcare Work?

Booking an appointment

When booking you will be asked to select your appointment type and to select the time slot that suits you. You will then be asked to enter your name, phone number, email address, pets name and a brief outline of your pet’s issue. Once your appointment has been confirmed you will be asked to authorise payment for the consultation.


The price of the online consultation is £15 for 15 minutes.

Your video consultation

You will receive an email to confirm your video consultation containing a link that you will be prompted to click to start the consultation. Before your appointment, your vet surgeon will have reviewed your pet’s details, so as soon as your video consultation begins, they will be prepared and ready for you.

How should I prepare for the appointment?

  • Check your internet connection – set up in a room where your wifi is stronger
  • If your pet has a wound or rash take some photos as the vet may need to examine in more detail  
  • Restrict your pet to a room
  • Please be ready a few minutes before your appointment

What happens after the appointment?

After your video consultation, you will have received professional advice, a treatment plan, and/or a referral to your local veterinary surgery. Your pet’s medical record will be saved for future video consultations.

If your pet is seen at one of our surgeries, the price of the online consultation will be reimbursed to you. A list of our veterinary surgeries can be viewed below.

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